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1/8/06 11:52 am - Scorn not the mortals...

Just a note to the fae players -

If you're looking for ways to obtain Glamour, there are a number of mortals at Fairgrove who could very easily end up Dreamers, with the right impetus. If anyone wants to try to bring about an Epiphany, go for it!

12/20/05 07:28 am - Fairgrove University Fall 2005 Academic Calendar

August 22-26 Freshman Welcome
August 25-26 Move-In Days for returning students
Friday, August 26 Advisement and late registration for new students from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Monday, August 29 Classes begin
Monday, September 5 Labor Day - Holiday
Monday, October 10 Columbus Day - Holiday
Friday, October 21 Mid-Term ends
Friday, November 4 Last day for course withdrawal without permission
Tuesday, November 22 Thanksgiving recess begins after the last class
Monday, November 28 Classes resume
Monday, December 12 Examination Week begins
Saturday, December 17 Fall Semester ends

Calendar for the Spring 2006 semester

12/19/05 08:19 pm - A note on play style

Just in case it needs to be saidCollapse )

12/5/05 07:24 am - Prospective Player Introductions

If you'd like to play in fairgrove_u, PLEASE leave a comment here to introduce yourself. If I don't know who you are, you will not be added to the game communities.

Even if I do know who you are, you need to have an Approved Character to join fairgrove_u (unless you're planning to just lurk).

EDIT: If your character has already been approved, you're fine; you don't need to leave a comment here. :)

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